Day 339 – Božanov to Dresden

After barely dipping our toes into Czechia, we left. I don’t think that we strayed more than 3 Km from the Polish border. We left via a road marked as a track on our sat nav, but is was a very good road with a pristine tarmac surface. We have been finding roads more and more frequently that are not mapped on our 15 month old sat nav system – most notably a 200 Km section of the A5 motorway in northern Greece, opened in August 2017.

Pristine roads, however, soon became pot-holed mess, more typical of rural Poland, as we headed north to the toll free A4.

We stopped at the last service station before Germany to top up with cheap Polish diesel. At the largest service station I think I have ever seen, each pump with a queue of 3 or 4 cars, I snuck in behind a Sprinter van as another car pulled out, making me second in line.

Soon the Sprinter refuelled and moved forward. Following various conversations about premium diesel, I have decided to refuel with the more expensive diesels after each refill with AdBlue: about one refill in eight. This may or may not prolong the life of the engine.

I think I put in about 55 litres. I moved the van forward to allow the next person to refuel and queued to pay. With just two people on the fuel counter, the queue was long, and with many people buying large quantities of cigarettes, the queue was very slow moving. I was holding a fast asleep Jack in my arms as Ben and Clare had gone to the loo, and I couldn’t leave him sleeping in the van. I said “Pump 4” and indicated 4 with my fingers, and was infuriated at being asked to enter my PIN for a value in UK pounds. This is a con popular in Poland with foreign credit card users. You try to buy something priced only in Zloty, but they try to charge you in your home currency after adding on anything from 5% to 25%. I insisted on paying in Zloty, knowing I’d be charged no more than Visa’s conversion rate plus 2%.

After paying I returned to the car, put Jack in his seat, and noted the mileage of the van on the receipt and off we went.

We had another short toilet stop before Dresden and I tapped the figures into my phone which returned 68.79 mpg. We had been charged for 28.99 litres of fuel not about 55 litres.

I am not sure how it happened. Did I pay for the Sprinter’s fuel, or the person behind’s fuel. I thought I was very clear about it being Pump 4, but perhaps I used a different pump or was charged for a different pump. Who knows!? All I do know is that I was charged the incorrect amount for my fuel.

City campsites never seem to be very nice. This one is very busy, but it has a swimming pool and is close to a semi rural park for walking Meg and the boys.

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