Day 343 – Bielefeld to Esbeek

A much more sedate drive to a campsite on the Dutch side of the Dutch Belgium border. We had to change our destination en-route as when we phoned the campsite we’d selected for our final week.

We were told.

  1. The cost was 15 Euros plus 15 Euros per child; and,
  2. Dogs are not permitted.

I set the filters on the excellent Camping Card app for swimming pool and no charge for children, an we have found ourselves a lovely little campsite with a toddlers’ pool and a nice size outdoor pool, and probably the best playground yet. We are camped on the playground field.

Arriving in good time I was able to fit the new chain to my bike once we were all set up. The blithering idiot of a mechanic had sold me the wrong thickness chain. After removing a few surplus links I fitted the chain. It works, but it rubs. It will need replacement again.

I have left an honest review of Lucky Bike Bielefeld on Google. Please do view and ‘like’ my review.

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