Day 344 to 349 – Esbeek

I’m sure a psychologist would read much into us spending the last week of our year travelling around Europe almost on the doorstep of Calais. We have enjoyed our year away but we are now keen to return home. Our tenants vacate our home at 10am on Saturday. Friday night and maybe Saturday night we will be with my parents in Lewisham.

Our final week has been quite lazy. This campsite has provided most of our needs. A great playground for the boys, two pools, one for children and one for swimming. Over the road is a forest which extends all the way to the border with Belgium.

We have cooked all our own meals on site, shopping before we arrived, then one trip to the supermarket and several to the bakery. I also made a round trip with Meg to the vet to administer a worming tablet and stamp her passport.

We have walked or cycled several times daily in the forest and have been eaten alive by insects.


We are now all packed up, ready for an early start tomorrow. The boys and me upstairs, Clare on the bench seat below. We’ll be stopping for an early lunch in Ghent so Clare can have moules-frites.

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